Self-guided Tours

Have you visited Prague and now want to discover the places the Czechs go to?

We have a number of themed self-guided tours we can offer you:
Modern Architecture
Czech Castles and Palaces
Rocks and Gems
In the Footsteps of Jan Hus and the Hussites
In the Footsteps of Egon Schiele
In the Footsteps of Alfons Mucha
In the Footsteps of the Alchemists

With our specialist knowledge of the Czech Republic we can create a self-guided tour specifically for you. Talk to us and we will see what we can do.

For more ideas visit our czech holidays website

Feel free to mix elements. Email us on with your ideas and requirements. Tell us how many people will be in the group, if there will be children (and if so what age), when you are thinking of coming, for how long, what sort of accommodation (if you know) and what sort of activities interest you. This will be the starting place for developing the perfect tour for you. 

The minimum tour package includes: four-nights accommodation in our specially selected hotels or cottages, suggested itineraries to your tastes, advice on traveling in the Czech Republic, and a tailor-made guidebook.

For information about holidays in cities and towns (including two-centre holidays) or holiday cottages please visit our general Czech Holiday site on