South Bohemia A la Carte



Stay in a hotel or pension in beautiful Cesky Krumlov or Ceske Budejovice and choose from a selection of guided trips to the fascinating towns, landscape and historic sites of South Bohemia to create your own personal guided tour.

We arrange the transfers from Prague, accommodation (including your Prague accommodation if you wish) and the trips for you.

Choose from these trips:

Zlata Koruna Abbey, Holasovice UNESCO Heritage Village, Hluboka Castle
Three of the most picturesque sights in Bohemia in one day. Zlata Koruna's gothic abbey sits on a headland overlooking the river Vltava, Holasovice is a perfectly preserved village with Bohemian Baroque farmhouses, and Hluboka's 19th century castle is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Also in Hluboka is the Ales Gallery of Gothic Art, one of the finest collections anywhere.

Trebon & Jindrichuv Hradec
Trebon is a lovely old town set in a UNESCO-recognised landscape of large man-made lakes. We recommend the exhibition about the landscape, but there are also a castle, a fascinating town centre
with plenty of old buildings and lakeside walks. Jindrichuv Hradec boasts huge castle, with tours of the medieval and Renaissance sections. Also in Jindrichuv Hradec are the National Photography
Gallery, old churches, and a fascinating museum with a hand-made nativity scene which fills an
entire room.
Variations: Trebon & Jindrichuv Hradec can be visited separately for a more leisurely tour. Or you
could visit Trebon and take a 14km guided walk around the lovely and historic Svet Pond.

Rozmberk Castle, Vyssi Brod Abbey and Vitkuv Kamen Castle

This tour follows the River Vltava through picturesque scenery to Rozmberk nad Vltavou where the
Renaissance Castle sits on a promontory surrounded on three sides by the river, after that we proceed to Vyssi Brod, where there is a wonderful gothic abbey and then on into the Sumava National Park to the small ruined castle of Vitkuv Kamen.
Variations: there are a number of lovely walks in nature around Vyssi Brod.

Zlata Koruna Abbey, Divci Kamen Castle, Holasovice
An alternative to option 1, this tour also takes in the ruined castle of Divci Kamen in its beautiful setting.
Variation - you can walk the 12 kms from Zlata Koruna to Divci Kamen, through lovely countryside
and old villages (3 hrs leisurely walk)

Telc & Slavonice
UNESCO-listed Telc has a perfectly preserved square surrounded by Renaissance houses and a chateau. Slavonice may not be listed, but it too has some amazing historic houses.

Prices vary according to the trips taken and number of people on the tour. 

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